2 Dec 2016

Our Interview with Alejandro Saravia of Pastuso

Ahead of Alejandro Saravia’s Master of Ceviche class tomorrow, we sat down with the man himself and asked for his take on the Melbourne food scene and how fresh produce has such a big effect on the way he runs Pastuso.
CB: What motivated you to create this Master of Ceviche class? 
AS: The concept of the Cooking Booking Master Classes is very different to traditional cooking classes. The Cooking Booking Master series offer the dinner the opportunity to explore the chef's environment and experience their passion. For me to be able to share my passion of fish and seafood at the same time as promoting my country's cuisine, is an opportunity that I could not pass up. 
CB: We all know that Melburnians love to try new cuisines. Although, it is not often that they get to see these dishes created in front of them. Do you think the way people like to experience their food has changed? 
AS: It definitely has changed, thanks to the gastronomy boom. People are a bit more curious and eager to understand about seasons, supply and technics of the food they eat. I think people's appreciation for the food has increased, and they now understand all the effort and dedication that producers and chefs put up on a daily basis to offer a high quality product. 
CB: Have Australian ingredients and access to different fresh produce had an influence on your traditional Peruvian cooking?
AS: In Peru we have very unique ingredients that we can't source anywhere else, but working in Australia has shown me that there is a big range of ingredients available to chefs here. 
I work with farmers and suppliers to get them grow some unique Latin American ingredients like huacatay (Peruvian black mint), aji amarillo (Peruvian yellow chilli), rocoto (Peruvian spiced pepper) and we have been super successful considering that we have been trialling this growing process for only 4 years. 
CB: And finally, what’s your favoruite part of hosting the Master of Ceviche class?
AS: The highlight in my opinion are all the tips and secrets about sourcing fish and seafood and how to work with them at home. It's not that difficult if you understand the basics! 
There’s still time to get into the December 3rd class, just head here to book your spot. 


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