1 Dec 2016

How to make the most of seasonal produce in December.

It’s officially December, which to some in Australia means BBQ’s, beaches and beers.. but to others it spells the start of the stone fruit season, pavlovas and fresh fruit salad. We've taken inspiration from our Master of the Seasonal Tasting Menu with Ryan Flaherty and started to think about fresh summer produce and delicious meals for the months ahead. 
We’ve all got those memories of eating strawberries by the punnet, and nectarine juice dripping down our hands as we try to eat them as fast as possible.
So with all this beautiful fruit at our fingertips, how do we make the most of it and keep the summer feeling for as long as we can? We’ve found a few recipes to inspire your holiday cooking.
Let’s start with the perfect summer breakfast: bircher muesli. In winter, you’d be heading for the apples and bananas to top it off, but now you’ve got a bevy of options. If you want something a little sweet, then try this Fig & Nectarine Bircher. Yum! 
For a light lunch or dinner, this Smoked Ducky and Peach Salad is perfect on a hot day - the duck serving as a flavour punch and the peach giving a sticky sweetness. 
Finally, where would we be if we didn’t have a dessert on the menu? You can always go down the traditional pav route, but if you’re feeling creative, try this Vanilla Apricot Tart Delicious.
If you want to check out exactly what’s in season and when, the the Seasonal Food Guide will give you the fruit and vegetable low-down in Australia. 
So,what are you waiting for? Go enjoy those stone fruits! 


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