27 May 2015

Introducing Our Italian Collection

There’s a lot of pressure in the start-up world to “scale up fast.” The industry is full of bleary-eyed, caffeine fuelled founders running on a couple of hours sleep a night in an effort to make their dream happen as quickly as possible. 

But at what cost?

I find it ironic that many founders leave the corporate world to do their own thing in search of a better work/life balance but end up working ten times harder than they every have before.  Even when doing something you’re passionate about, the health impacts of this sort of approach to work are obvious – lack of sleep, stress etc.  But my other concern is that if we focus too heavily on growth, we risk losing sight of what we wanted to grow in the first place.

My team and I have made a conscious decision to grow Cooking Booking mindfully, which may be interpreted as ‘slow’ by some.  I’m a believer of quality over quantity so rather than trying to get as many culinary experiences listed on the site as quickly as possible, I’ve focused instead on seeking out quality operators that are doing things that I feel compelled to share with food and travel lovers like me.  Which brings me to our new Italian Collection.

We’ve pulled together a small number of culinary experiences that are run in different parts of Italy and bundled them up in a nice and convenient, easy to book, curated collection.

Have a watch of this video put together to our incredibly talented friends at Mathery Studio to get a feel for what it’s all about:


Here’s a taste of what we’ve got on offer:


Wandering the streets of Rome on a guided tour of the best spots to eat


Slurping fresh sea urchins with Peta Mathias (the coolest lady on the planet) on her 8-day escape to Puglia


A cooking class in the hills of Piedmonte, located inside an old trattoria that honestly looks like it’s out of a fairytale (the owner is 100 years old!)


The rest of the collection is on our homepage so take a look! www.cookingbooking.com



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