When in Rome, Cook as the Romans do

Meeting Spot: The Pantheon
Rome, Lazio, Italy


179.50 EUR pp

You’ve appreciated the gastronomic delights of one of the culinary capitals of the world, you’ve tickled your taste buds with authentic Italian quality but now it’s time to get behind the scenes!

Roll up your sleeves and immerse yourself in the universe of Italian food, let your expert chef guide you through the process of preparing a stunning dish that you will then eat!

This experience is designed to enlighten you on the techniques, rules and habits of an Italian cook. Luxe Associates Travel is taking it one step further by focusing on a particular recipe, rooted in a specific season you will be able to really understand what epitomises Italian cooking, and that it is not only pizza and pasta! All the food we eat is a product of a social or cultural process, that’s why your chef will explain the history behind the dish as well as how to make it. Let your chef spoil you with wine paired directly with your recipe, pelt them with all the questions you’ve ever wanted to ask and enjoy the famous Italian hospitality and willingness to share the real culinary treasures that are only exported in a much diluted version.
This tour can be taken either in the morning leading into lunch, as an afternoon treat where you will be able to make typical Roman desserts, or in the evening as an alternative to dinner.

Italy is a wildly different country, ranging from north to south you encounter many differences ranging from food to wine to temperament and traditions. In an effort to provide the provide the most authentic experience possible, Luxe Associates Travel focuses on one region at a time and while sometimes there may be a more wide ranging product found throughout the country most of the food and wine related activities are strictly linked to Rome and its region of Lazio.



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