Culinary Walk of Rome

Meeting Spot: The Pantheon
Rome, Lazio, Italy



90.00 EUR pp

Join our Italian food experts on a crafted food journey through the centre of Rome.

Beginning with a traditional Italian breakfast of coffee and sweet pastry, we will take you on a safari of seasonality and territory– the two elements that define Roman food. At a market stall in a small piazza near the Pantheon run by the same family for 57 years we will try the freshest seasonal fruit and vegetables, freshly made cheese, local bread as well as taste the family’s olive oil and wine from the Roman hills.

Further along we will taste and learn more about the regional cheeses that underpin Rome's best loved dishes and experiment with tradition and innovation by tasting Rome's vast selection of salamis and cured meats. We will sample a true Roman pasta, before finishing up with coffee and handmade chocolates.

Italy is a wildly different country, ranging from north to south you encounter many differences ranging from food to wine to temperament and traditions. This tour focuses specifically on culinary traditions from Rome and its region of Lazio.








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