A South Indian Culinary Experience

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Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India



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This experience is available year-round on request. For more information contact info@cookingbooking.com

A 24-day journey through Tamil Nadu, Kerala, The Nilgiris & Southern Karnataka

Chennai’s agrarian countryside, ancient temple quarter, bazaars & local cuisine for 4-nights
Arriving late on the first day, we’ll dedicate the next three days engaging you on a series of very personalized trails that will allow you to experience a typical day in the life of a farmer from organic farming to preparing a meal with a local family, to understanding the heritage and ancient culture of this city and its ancient temple quarter, a smattering of colonial history and its influences on the city’s architecture and finally a comprehensive look into the ancient trading bazaars, the city’s spice markets and some culinary experiences with a local expert.

The ancient capital of the Cholas and a half-day with a Sthapathy family carving Bronze statues for 2-nights

You’ll travel by rail to the ancient chola capital city of Thanjavur. While here we’ll take you to experience the awe inspiring 1,003-year old Brihadeshwara Temple complex and a few minor temples built during the mighty Chola reign of the region. But the highlight will be spending a half-day with a local Sthapathy Bronze caster-carver to experience a hands-on experience of Bronze Statue making using the Lost Wax method of statue making.

The potters of Madurai and the great Gopuras of the Meenakshi for 2-nights

You’ll travel a short distance to the Hindu city of Madurai. But while here we’ll escape the hustle of the city to experience the lives of clay potters in their native village outside Madurai and then return to experience the ancient Agraharam (the streets and bazaars built to surround/ ensconce an ancient temple).

The backwaters of Lake Vembanad Kerala and culinary experiences with a local family for 4-nights

This destination offers the chance to stay with a local Syrian Christian family in their ancestral Farmstay by the backwaters of Lake Vembanad. While here you get to partake in hands on culinary experiences each day to experience and explore the traditions of authentic Syrian Christian Keralan cuisine. From the fresh catch of the backwaters to the paddy and types of rice that's unique to these backwater flatlands of Kerala, we'll take you on an immersive experience of all things traditional to this part of Kerala, its cuisine and way of life.

Fort Kochi and cooking with Nimmy Paul for 2-nights

You travel a short distance to the historic island town of Fort Kochi to experience the ancient spice trading bazaar and spice market of Fort Kochi, it’s ancient Jewish and colonial quarters and a half day with Nimmy Paul in her kitchen involved in a hands on cooking session with her.

Hands-on cooking experiences, a history of Indian cuisine and a local organic farmer’s market with an Indian family at Aakriti for 5-nights

You’ll travel up into the lofty Nilgiri Mountains to experience a series of comprehensive hands-on cooking sessions with Renu, the master chef and homemaker at Aakriti. While here we’ll delve into the local spices, its properties as used in Indian cuisine and it’s medicinal and ayurvedic properties as well and the reasons we use them for this purpose as well. These culinary experiences will involve visits to the local and historic farmer’s market of the region to understand local produce, cook with produce you’ve probably not come across before and understand the health benefits of these ingredients as well.

Apart from a culinary journey, you’ll get to experience walks through the local nature, understand the region’s tribal history and even ride the historic 106-year old steam railway as it makes it’s way through tunnels, over bridges, through tea plantations and verdant jungle.

Historic Mysore, cycling trails, artisan craft and cooking with a local family for 3-nights

You’ll travel overland to the historic city of Mysore where you’ll experience a unique cycling trail through the ancient quarters of this city to understand its local life and the stories behind this historic city, you’ll get to see hands on how stone is carved into exquisite statues and wood is inlayed with immense detail and creativity. But ultimately you’ll also go on a food tour of the city to understand its local highlights and culinary traditions and cap your stay in Mysore with a hands-on cooking session with a local family in Mysore.

A day Train back to Chennai

You’ll board an express train to make your way back to Chennai in order to catch your flight out of Chennai in the wee hours of the next morning.

Holiday experience Billing

-This holiday can be experienced through the year with no fixed dates of travel/ departure.
-This trip is a tailor-made holiday and can be tailored to suit the following types of travellers:

o Solo travellers (Single Female/ Single Male)
o Couples
o Families with children 5-years of age and older
o Groups of Friends (maximum size of group up to 9 adults)

- Hence, the price of the holiday is on request depending on the size of the number of people travelling.
- However, a price range for a single traveller up to two adults is from INR 3,84,000 (USD 6,400) to INR 5,60,000 (USD 9,333) all-inclusive.
- Inclusions in this price are:

o Accommodation in a combination of boutique properties and family homestays for 23-nights for the duration of the trip.

o A combination of daily breakfast to all meals included per destination.

o Our dedicated air-conditioned mid-size air-conditioned vehicle with our English-speaking driver for the duration of this holiday.

o Air-conditioned Railway journey tickets where applicable. o All culinary experiences as mentioned along the itinerary. o All activities mentioned within the itinerary led by our resident trail expert and department certified monument.

o Guides where applicable.

o All local and government taxes as applicable.

Withdrawal, Cancellation/Changes in Booking

E.1 You can always withdraw or cancel before the start of the tour.

E.2 The date of cancellation is the date on which the Company receives notice of such a withdrawal/ cancellation.

E.3 Withdrawal/Cancellation notice must be sent in writing for it to be effective.

E.4 Cancellation penalties related to such said withdrawal/ cancellation of a holiday experience with the Company are highlighted below (For India, Andamans & Sri Lanka):

E.4 (i) Cancellation 30-days or more prior to start of holiday experience: 20% of composite holiday billing.

E.4 (ii) Cancellation 15 – 29 days prior to start of holiday experience: 30% of composite holiday billing.

E.4 (iii) Cancellation 1 – 14 days prior to start of holiday experience: 80% of composite holiday billing.

E.4 (iv) Cancellation/ shortening trip after start of trip: 100% of composite holiday billing.

E.4 (v) Force Majeure – any acts of God, riots, strikes, etc. beyond the control of any parties, preventing both parties from fulfilling their obligations under the contract: 100% of the composite holiday billing.


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